NUNG LAI CO., LTD is the 50-year manufacturer of traveling fittings and garment accessories. Our growing product line satisfies a broad range of applications within many separate markets. We can suggest the innovative, cost-effective solutions for our customers.  

Our main lines of products are





logos and Mold can be made
    arrcording to the demand of cutomers

The certification applied by our company.



The future trend of CARBON TAX & CARBON FOOTPRINT are imperative. We've already taken a step ahead of the industry and committed to sustainable development, circular economy, and resource recycling.
At present, there are 4 major recycled material products:


it can be close to the physical requirements of original material (Ex: tension test, destructive test)

embark on helping customers achieve the crushing and recycling of single material of one product

in addition to a single color, all recycled products can also make by many colors according to customer needs

we’ve obtained the certification of recycled materials, mainly GRS CERTIFICATION, and can also assist customers



Sustainable Materials Library
--- Thanks PIDC for the recognition of our company’s recycled products
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